Laboratory Equipments Catalogues

Ean med offers several disposables consumables such as medical gown, cytological samples and blood samples accessories.

Product Sub Category PDF Catalogues
01 Microscopes B Model, B302 Model, BDS400 Model, BDS500 Model, BK5000 Model, BK6000 Model, BK6000 Model, BK-POL Model, BMB,DM,BM,BA,WXH,BMP,BMI,BME,XY,BMM,XS,XSB,BX,XDS,XJD,SZM Model, MDS400 Model, MIT200 Model, MIT300500 Model, Smart Model, SZ Model.
02 Refrigerator DW Model, DW,HLC,HYC,MDC,SDJ,HT,DSG Models, XC,YC,YCD,BC,DW,YJG Models, DW,HLC,HCD,HYC,WL,SD Models.
03 Cooler CS and WY Models
04 Laboratory Consumables Glasses, Tapes and Plasters
Disposables Tubes, Tubes and swabs specifications.
Others Laboratory Consumables.

Laboratory Glassware.
Microscope Slides and cover glass, Laboratory Plasticware, Capillary tubes and Laboratory Glassware.
Laboratory Beaker, Laboratory Flask, Laboratory Bottle and Laboratory Funnel.
Others kind of laboratory glassware.

IgM/IgG Antibody Test.
Nucleic Acid Test.

PCR Test.
Disposable Virus Sampling Tube, Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent, Automatic Extraction, Real-time PCR Detection System and Nucleic Acid Test ki.

Getein Antigen Testing Covid.
Norman Antigen Testing Covid.
Test application of Antigen Testing.
05 Laboratory Instruments Micropipette,Stirrer,Heating Mantle,Shaker and Mixer,Centrifuge,Vacuum Pump,Dry Bath,Water Bath,Balance Scale,Infrared Sterilizer, Ultrasonic Equipments, Magnetic Stirrer, Biological Indicator Incubator, MA-6000 Models, Glassware,Metal ware,Consumables and Equipments, various Models.
06 Disinfection and Sterilization series VK Models, Others Models, Vacuum Steam Sterilizer (BTD Model and BTS Model), Ultrasonic Bath (BTX Model), Handpiece Cleaning & Lubrication System (BTY Model) and Water Distiller, Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer, Biosafety Sterilizer, Steam Vacuum Sterilizer, Rapid Cooling Medium Sterilizer, Water Bath Sterilizer, Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Hot air Sterilizer.
07 Molecular Diagnostic Flash 20 Model, Flash 20 Portable Model, Mini 8 Plus Model, Mini 8 Portable Model.