Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipments Catalogues

This category of products gathers various kinds of Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipments like Ultasound Doppler, ECG Monitor, Fetal Monitor, Vein Finder and Defibrillator Monitor.

Product Sub Category PDF Catalogues
01 ECG Monitors KX-1203 Model, KX-1206 Model, KX-1212 Model.
02 Multi-Parameter Monitor (ECG, NIBP, RESP, Sp02,TEMP and PR) KX-8000 Model.
03 Ultrasound Doppler Vascular Doppler, Fetal Doppler, Vein Finder, Infusion and Blood Warmer, Fetal Maternal Monitor,Syringe Destroyer and ECG machine.
04 Defibrillator Defibrillator Monitor.
05 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System KAI-X3 Model, KAI-X8 Model, BLS Model.
06 ENT Treatment Unit KX998 Model.